What could force a disgraced police officer, a pair of mafia hitmen, an army NCO, and a group of terrified civilians to band together for survival? Nothing short of the zombie apocalypse. The recently deceased are clawing from their graves and roaming the earth with an insatiable appetite for living flesh. In a hunted, desperate world, only the strong, smart, and fortunate will survive to see another day.

SurvivorZ is a character-focused episodic tale of horror adventure from acclaimed storyteller J.B. Cameron. It is a tribute to the original George Romero zombie horror, with a fresh take on the scientific origin behind the walking dead and unexpected, terrifying ramifications of the outbreak. New installments will be released biweekly (or thereabouts).

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1. EVE
Months after the zombie infection has left the world in ruins, Eve Cutler awakens to discover her friends have been wiped out in a brutal act of betrayal from someone she once trusted with her life.

Three months before their party's catastrophic attack in Maine, during the dawn of the zombie infestation, a pair of mafia hit men find themselves as surprised as everyone else by their horrifying new reality.

A graphic suicide at a university campus signals the end of their normal existence and the beginning of a nightmare for lifelong friends Dave Redmond and Charlie Lemann.

For Doctor Maureen Sommers and her family, the beginning of the end comes in the form of a medical emergency at a neighbor's house, and the worrisome realization that they're cut off from outside help.

Since quitting school, Norman Meyers has enjoyed the tranquility of his job as the groundsperson of a Northampton cemetery. His last day on the job is turning out to be busier than most.

After bringing his injured friend to the university Health Services building, Charlie Lemann discovers that not only is there no help in sight, but judging by the panic on the radio, none will be coming.

Army Sergeant Denise Lowe finds herself immersed in a battle for survival after crashing her car into a utility pole on a deserted highway, across the street from a graveyard swarming with the walking dead.

While taking his wife to a hospital in Northampton, Wilson Bentley's surreal journey becomes an appointment with horror.

9. BOB
During the drive to his daughter's high school, a roadside crash involving a school bus turns into a deadly encounter with an immortal foe.

10. NORM
The cemetery caretaker discovers that the zombie apocalypse broadcast he's been listening to over his radio isn't the Halloween hoax he thought it was. 

Maureen's nerve-wracking return trip home through the zombie-packed streets of Northampton is interrupted by a plea for help coming over the ambulance's radio.

12. BOB
Despite his injuries, Bob Sommers risks sneaking past a horde of zombies in order to rescue his daughter from her besieged elementary school.

When her father shows up at her school to rescue her from the undead horde holding them trapped inside, young Emily Sommers thinks her nightmares are over. Little does she know they are only just beginning.

After meeting up with Dave and Charlie at the university, Maureen and her new friends find themselves trapped by a wave of undead outside the medical center, and must resort to a desperate plan to escape.

Worried about her loved ones, Danielle breaks her promise to her father. Instead of driving Lee to safety, she returns to Emily's school to check on her family... and finds more than she's prepared to handle.

16. LEE
While narrowly escaping the zombie horde gathered around the elementary school, Danielle and the others encounter a fleeing teacher. Though she claims to be escaping the dead trapped inside the school, Lee suspects otherwise.

Charlie Lemann's plan to use himself as bait to herd a zombie horde away from populated areas threatens to go disastrously wrong.

Denise Lowe is surprised when her searching boyfriend finally arrives to rescue her, but the real shock comes later, when they discover that more than grave-spawned corpses threaten their lives.

19. MIKE
Between his raging hangover and the gruesome scene of a hit and run outside his apartment window, disgraced Boston police officer Mike Edwards awakens to discover the world has descended into a senseless Hell overnight.

Tommy DiMarco and Carl Graves encounter a lone survivor and a new breed of undead horror during their stop for gas on the drive back to Boston.

Danielle arrives home safely with her carload of survivors, but her reunion with her mother is cut short by preparations to head back into danger for badly needed supplies and the safe recovery of her boyfriend, Terry.

22. MIKE
During his commute, Mike runs into troubling signs that the situation in Boston has spun out of control. After he's violently forced off the road, a good Samaritan helps him to shelter in the path of an approaching horde of zombies.

While fuelling up in Brockton, Carl Graves and his companions discover two things: that the undead menace poses a greater threat than they imagined, and that the peril is closer than they realized.

Charlie, Danielle, and Judith's run to the store for supplies turns into a desperate race for survival between panicked looters and an approaching horde of the dead.

25. MIKE
A tense situation escalates into conflict and peril as Mike and three others end up trapped in an apartment by the walking dead and turning on one another in a fight for dominance.

Charlie, Danielle, and Judith's side mission to discover the fate of Danielle's boyfriend and his mother only results in misfortune, danger, and death.

Judith and her companions find themselves staring down the barrel of an executioner's gun when they learn that the police have been authorized to dole out swift and severe punishment to anyone caught breaking the law.

28. MIKE
The foolish act of a desperate man plucks safety from the grip of Mike and his new companions and plunges them into a nightmare from which there seems to be no possible escape.

Officer Jerome Blahey returns to the Sommers residence with the others. After inserting himself as a beacon of hope and protection, Maureen and the others are caught completely off guard when he reveals his true intentions, resulting in a plot to fracture and doom their group.

30. JOHN
Realizing the futility of staying put, John Kenney, Mike, and Roberta make the push to escape past the zombies trapping them in his apartment. Their plan to fight their way through to the parked cars out back soon goes awry, with deadly results.

Judith and her companions race to ensure their escape from a neighborhood about to be overrun by the dead, but the appearance of something far worse serves them a deadly notice that their time has run out.

Lloyd Pruett and Denise Lowe face suspicion and a stinging betrayal upon reaching their intended destination of Fort Weaver army base.

Hopeful that a doctor can cure his infected wife, Officer Jerome Blahey arrives home with his captives. For Maureen and Danielle, the already tense situation takes a frightening turn, once they realize the full extent of the trouble they're in.

34. EVE
After detouring around a deadly crash on the interstate, Eve, Tommy, and Graves reach Braintree in the hopes of recovering Eve's brother. Upon their arrival, they're forced to confront a deadly fire, a devastating right of passage, and horrors they never would have imagined before today.

Still bitter by his girlfriend's betrayal, Lloyd Pruett gets into a violent faceoff with her when she comes to see him in the military stockade. However, as Lt. Col. Vic Andrews, a fellow prisoner, realizes while watching the confrontation, there's more to Denise's antagonistic visit than meets the eye.