Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Nightfall ARC Review Hits Goodreads

The first review for the upcoming short novel, NIGHTFALL, has appeared on Goodreads, and it's too good not to give a shout out here. Thanks to S for this great five star review!

"I had not previously read any of the books in The Twin Cities Series. that said the author did a great enough job with enough back story info in this book to bring you up to speed with what happened in the past and its relevancy with this part of the story.

The characters immediately drew you in with their depth, wit and some of them charm. The descriptive imagery made each scene come to life vividly you were caught up in each action and reaction, every move and countermove. It was like watching a very skilled chess match being played. When you thought you knew which pawn was to be taken a new situation presented itself.

As you became acquainted with all of the different species in the story you appreciated each of them for their unique attributes and traits. You empathized, agonized and wanted retribution when a character in a faction that you had bonded with was dealt a deathblow. You cheered in their victories and wept with their losses."

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