Wednesday, 1 March 2017

...And Thus It Begins Anew...

What am I working on today? One day, you'll call it the fourth volume of Reading The Dead. For now, I'll be referring to it as the start of another completely fulfilling three-year headache. I have the broad scope of volume 4, Annathema, worked out in my head, and even managed to fill in some gaps into the storyline for book five, which in keeping with my quasi-religious titling scheme will be entitled Last Writes.

Just some of the things I'm working into the book should make this one a corker! In order to hammer all the nails in the wake of book 3, expect a diverging storyline this time around. Sarah and Ryan will be off trying save Anna from the Faustian bargain she made with the White Woman, fifteen years ago. Mason and the VCU team will be battling a powerful spellcaster capable of reanimating the dead. Momma Wojan and Marcie will be investigating the sinister cabal known as the Lectors, who are now looking to terminate all opposition in preparation for Sebastien Challenger's diabolical "Grand Design."

Spoiler alert: One of your beloved characters is going to die in this book. Permanently. No coming back as a ghost. Prepare yourself for a shocking and unexpected ending.

Without further ado, it's time to dust off my screenplay software and get started on the first draft of...

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