Saturday, 25 February 2017

SurvivorZ parts 5&6 - now online

A special double shot of SurvivorZ is headed your way this week!

The zombie apocalypse is gaining momentum, and will soon be threatening to change or end the lives of everyone. Until then, people are still waking up to the realization that the comfortable world they knew has come to a horrific end. Keep checking back every other Saturday for updates to this ongoing zombie horror adventure series, exclusively on Wattpad.

Part five:

Since quitting school, Norman Meyers has enjoyed the tranquility of his job as the groundsperson of a Northampton cemetery. His last day on the job is turning out to be busier than most.

Part six:

After bringing his injured friend to the university Health Services building, Charlie Lemann discovers that not only is there no help in sight, but judging by the panic on the radio, none will be coming.

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