Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Magpie & Jynx Series Is Now Free on Smashwords!

My loss is now your gain (sort of). In light of non-existent sales for my Twin Cities Series novellas, Magpie & Jynx and Magpie & Jynx: The Lost and the Fallen, I've decided to reduce the price of both books to $0.99 on Amazon and make them PERMANENTLY FREE on Smashwords. The only caveat to this is that the four-book storyline I originally envisioned for the series is now officially dead. My interest in continuing the saga of Magpie and Jynx is gone. Expending months of effort for nothing tends to do that...

So feel free to grab both books now, rather than paying the original price of $1.99. Just don't expect to enjoy it beyond these two novellas.

In the meantime, book three of Reading The Dead is now available for purchase on Amazon, Kobobooks, and Smashwords. Expect the series to keep going strong until the final dramatic conclusion of book five, and perhaps even extend into a spin-off series after that, regardless of how low my book sales might plummet. For more information on this and the other books in my collection, click on the Books link provided in the tab bar at the top of this page.