Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Reading The Dead: Annathema Cover

With the draft for Reading The Dead: Street Savior finished, I'm taking time away from editing and rewriting to tackle some promotional material. First on my list is a preliminary draft cover for book four, Reading The Dead: Annathema. That's not a spelling mistake. It's "anathema" with an extra N, because book four is the one that's going to blow the lid off all those niggling mysteries surrounding Anna Nigma, including the truth about her real identity, her powers, and her fate. Some monumental events are in store for her and Sarah in Street Savior, and book four will be ramping up the action to the next level, in preparation for the final confrontation in book five.


...and before you ask about the white-haired ghost on the cover, all that I'll say on the matter is that she's someone very important to Anna, and you'll find out why in Street Savior. So, yeah - don't miss out!