Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FREE Fiction For February

Two great stories. One unbeatable price!

Jodie's Machine (scifi/romance)
Jodie Halford's invention, a device that opens a window into alternate realities, awakens her and her childhood friend to the possibility that they were destined to be together. However, the many parallel lives that Jodie's machine shows aren't always pleasant, and the cost of peeking into the secrets of the universe may come at a steep price.

Hole (scifi/horror)
Since their mysterious disappearance, physicist and TV ghost hunter Ellen Price Marley has been hunting for evidence that a dimensional rift swallowed up her family. In a haunted mansion deep in the Canadian wilderness, she may have finally found her proof. Her scientific mission turns into a battle for survival as the rift to a dark dimension inhabited by lost souls threatens to also become her prison.