Thursday, 21 January 2016

Street Savior Update

Thanks to the Christmas holidays, I managed to pull off a fair bit of writing to push the latest book along to its conclusion. More importantly, I found the time to rethink my original ending, coming up with a much more satisfying and well-rounded one that I think readers will enjoy.

I've almost wrapped up all the action in the climactic gang fight at the end of Reading The Dead: Street Savior. Up next... things go from bad to worse as the paranormal elements in the series unleash fury upon Sarah Milton and her friends. I've set myself a writing deadline of the end of February to finish off my draft. I still have nine major scenes to write, plus the denouement that will cap the story with a surprise visitor to town, setting the stage for book four. Then edits, edits, edits!

It's a good thing I love writing this story so much. Otherwise, I'd be worried that I'm turning into a complete masochist.