Friday, 25 December 2015

Perdition Towers Screenplays Released

The screenplays for the first two episodes of my horror/comedy series Perdition Towers are now online on the Amazon Studios website. If you enjoy them, please leave a rating in the hope that they might one day be turned into a real TV series.

In the black comedy, Perdition Towers, mild-mannered Peter Callum finds his life turned upside down after accepting an offer to move in with his co-worker, a popular ladies man named Dean Kessler. He soon discovers that Dean is a ladykiller in the literal sense of the word, and has chosen his new roommate as an unwilling opponent in a fiendish game of murder and mayhem. In an apartment building where rooming with a psycho might not actually be the greatest threat to his safety, Peter's stay in Perdue Towers will be anything but ordinary.

Episode 1: "Pilot"
Broke and soon to be homeless, Peter Callum is overjoyed when his coworker invites him to move in. His happiness is soon shattered, however, once he learns his new roommate is killing people and disposing of their bodies, and nobody will believe him.

Episode 2: "The Funeral Party"
Dean holds a floor party to introduce his new roommate to the other tenants, but Peter finds himself too preoccupied with thwarting his scheme to poison the guests to enjoy himself at the gathering.