Monday, 1 December 2014

Meet The Gang - Posse Loco

Reading The Dead: Street Savior, the third book of the series, pits the LAPD Violent Crimes Unit in direct conflict with two deadly street gangs fighting for control of South L.A.

After Vera Mendez and her El Loco Serpientes gang almost caused the two major street gangs in the city to destroy one another, an uneasy alliance was formed between Leon King, leader of the Rollin' 99ers, and Enrique Salazar, cartel boss in charge of East L.A.'s Hispanic Posse Loco. The peace didn't last long. On the pretext of a meet to discuss the terms of their treaty, Salazar ordered a hit on the 99ers in attendance, including King. Several of King's lieutenants died in the slaughter. He escaped, and the gang war started in earnest from that moment on.

Carrying on the fight against the Rollin' 99ers are the two leaders of Posse Loco: A-K, appointed to the top position by Salazar because of his brutality and loyalty to the cartel, and Delmar Rivera (aka. Caballo) who earned his rank despite his former position as Vera Mendez's second-in-command. Their campaign of violence against the 99ers results in major loss of life, not only between the gangs but also among innocents. Not even the police can stem the tide of blood washing over the streets of East and South Los Angeles.

After five years of fighting for control of the illegal activities tearing their neighborhoods apart, the war has reached an impasse. The 99ers and Locos find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of attack and retaliation that is costing both gangs dearly, but ultimately brings neither side no closer to victory. 

Seeking revenge against the former gang leader, Salazar fails to execute Vera Mendez in prison. Years later, her escape threatens to tip the balance of power in favor of the 99ers. For the first time, Leon King has the means at his disposal to strike a significant blow against Posse Loco, forcing his sworn enemy, Enrique Salazar, back into the country for a shot at personal revenge. With Salazar and Mendez plotting to destroy their enemies in order to fulfill their own agendas, the long war between the Locos and 99ers can only end in bloodshed.

Who will survive? Find out as Reading The Dead: Street Savior nears completion for 2016.