Monday, 3 November 2014

Meet The Gang - The Rollin' 99ers

In the upcoming third volume of the series, Reading the Dead: Street Savior, not even the holiday season can prevent the bloody escalation of street violence in Los Angeles. At the forefront of the battle are the Rollin' 99ers, the African/American gang who dominates South Central L.A.

The 99ers consist primarily of young neighborhood recruits willing to do whatever it takes to survive the hardships of poverty. They heed only a single rule: loyalty to gang and family are not only absolute, but one in the same. The 99ers consider themselves a family to their gang brothers, and revere their leader, Leon King, as the father figure who gives their lives purpose. Their unquestioning devotion to the crew makes them a formidable power on the streets and a respected adversary to their enemies.

For years, the 99ers were locked in a deadly stalemate for control of the streets. It was a war with no victors, only casualties. King's hopes of finding a way to end the bitter struggle against the East L.A. gang called Posse Loco may soon be realized, following an unexpected prison break of rival gang leader, Vera Mendez. In an uneasy alliance with the unstable woman, they agree upon a plan to force the LAPD into taking down Posse Loco for them. All King and Mendez need is to kidnap a detective from Violent Crimes... and to not kill each other before their mad scheme bears fruit.

Meet Leon King, gang boss of the Rollin' 99ers. For more on his story and other exciting previews, keep checking back as Reading The Dead: Street Savior nears completion for 2016.