Sunday, 17 August 2014

Waiting For Mr./Mrs. Goodbuy

When we bought our home, there was no question that it was a "fixer-upper." It needed new siding, new windows, new flooring, eavestroughing, a new back deck, a paved driveway, landscaping, and more. The old home was in a bad state, thanks to years of disrepair. We bought it anyway.

That's why I find it so strange that a whole generation of young home buyers, weaned on HGTV shows that preach the joys of home renovating, are so quick to dismiss a deal based on the effort of having to make cosmetic changes to suit their personal tastes. I always assumed that part of the fun in buying a home was to add your style to the mix of past owners, to create something unique and indicative of your personality. If things like an out-of-the-box dream kitchen is a prerequisite to attract buyers these days, perhaps they should be moving into one of the demos at their local Home Depot store.

Has negotiating become such a lost art that buyers will no longer entertain the notion of using the cost of home customization as a sticking point to help lower the selling price of the home? Buyers, just so you know, there isn't a home seller out there who expects to receive their original asking price. We'd rather haggle than miss out on a sale.

Real estate is a buyer's market. They have all the opportunities in the world to keep searching for their dream home with the perfect combination of style, location, size, and price to fit their needs. Having been there myself once, I know how stressful it can be to hunt for needles in haystacks. 

However, on behalf of every home seller trying to get on with their lives, let me just say this: don't be so quick to overlook the rough that you miss the diamond. If everything in life was perfect, what's the point of living?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Street Savior First Draft Screenplay Finished!

It was a long time in the making, but the screenplay that constitutes the first draft of my upcoming book, Reading The Dead: Street Savior is now officially complete! All of the plot elements leading into the next book, the character development, and the dialogue are ready to go! The next step is to write my second draft, the actual book based on this scripted version. Believe it or not, the hard part's over!

The story that I began in January 2013, briefly sidetracked by life issues and work on a separate novella, can now move forward with my personal stamp of approval. Things are about to change in a big, big way for Sarah Milton and friends, starting here! When I wrote the first screenplay that kickstarted this book series in 2011, it was geared for a 120-minute film. Book two more than doubled that to 283 scripted pages. Now, this latest outing is raising the bar once more, clocking in at 586 pages. I guesstimate that will put the finished book somewhere in the vicinity of 700-800 pages of cover-to-cover fun and explosive entertainment. This is undoubtedly the most exciting outing of the series yet, and starts the countdown for the breathtaking final moments of The Sarah Milton Chronicles.

Reading The Dead: Street Savior introduces a whole cast of new, interesting characters into the "lives" of Sarah Milton and Anna Nigma, as well as bringing back familiar and not-so-familiar faces in a big way.

Among the most colorful character of the bunch is our newest antagonist, Vera Mendez, a former street gang leader whose multiple personalities are a constant source of trouble for those close to her.

For your reading enjoyment, I'm providing the opening minutes of the screenplay. A pair of mysterious twins brutally break Vera out of a prison convoy, releasing chaos onto the streets of an unsuspecting city. Read all about her escape now, well before the book is released, by downloading the script teaser in PDF form here:

Be sure to keep checking back for more news and information about this thrilling installment in the Reading The Dead series.