Thursday, 10 April 2014

Magpie & Jynx Preview # 2


Enthralled by the tales of foreign lands, the siren named Jynx left her island home with a passing traveler who promised to show her all the mysteries of The Realms. Once they arrived in the city, however, she quickly discovered that his real intentions for her were far less honorable. Though her human traveling companion was branded the property of a vampire in the outer lands, he sought to improve his standing under the service of a notorious vampire in the city. He offered the beautiful Jynx as tribute to his new lord and master.

The vampire wasn't pleased to discover that the human was already branded by another. He beheaded the mortal on the spot for his insolence. However, he also kept Jynx. Unlike her betraying companion, the fae's blood provided a narcotic effect in vampires, making her a valuable prize. Addicting her to street drugs from the mortal world as a means to keep her sedate and obedient also enhanced the kick he received from drinking her blood. Under his control, Jynx lost track of time as her life blurred by in a drug-induced haze, during which the vampire fed from her repeatedly.

It wasn't until Magpie freed her and the others among the vampire's chattel that she began to claw her way back to herself. Her new friend helped her dry out, during a long, painful process that lasted for months. At the end of her difficult road, with her drug addiction a persistent, but tiny voice in the back of her mind, she realized that rather than returning home, that part of her who once dreamed bigger still remained. She opted to stay with Magpie, and has helped in her quest to free others like her, from the worst that The Realms has to offer.

Magpie & Jynx is an upcoming urban fantasy action/adventure tale, part of the Twin Cities Series collection of novellas. For more information on this and other books in the series, visit the official blog page at

This concludes our double preview. We hope you enjoyed it. Click here for a preview and bio of Magpie, the shape shifter who completes this amazing duo.