Thursday, 3 April 2014

Magpie & Jynx Preview # 1


Maggie Bartlett, otherwise known as Magpie, is the daughter of a shape shifter and his human wife. Born in The Realms, where such unions are frowned upon, the vampire lord of her community sought to make an example of her family. He sent his minions to raze her family home and kill her parents. They chased the couple to the forbidden forests of the Elderwood, where her father sacrificed himself to save his pregnant wife and unborn daughter. When the elves of the forest discovered her, Maggie's mother was grievously wounded and almost dead. They nursed her back to health as best they could, but she never fully recovered. The strain of giving birth ultimately proved too great for her. Maggie was born an orphan, and brought up as one of the elvish in the high trees of their forest kingdom.

Despite the welcoming she received among their kind, her physical differences always set her apart. She discovered from an early age an affinity with the crows in the branches of their woodland home. It was through mimicking them that she discovered her shape shifting abilities. Lacking the powers of a full-blooded shifter, one who is able to transform into a variety of creatures, Maggie practiced constantly to improve her metamorphic abilities into the one and only animal whose shape she could sustain. In time, her mastery over her rook form allowed her to selectively augment her human shape with bird anatomy, providing her with abilities beyond other shifters and humans.

As her strength grew, so too did her thirst for revenge. Eventually, she returned to the land of her family's origins and put an end to the vampire who ordered the deaths of her parents. In the process, she discovered her true calling upon freeing the humans held imprisoned in his dungeon. Magpie knew from that moment that she would devote her life to saving the downtrodden from the clutches of evil. In a world surrounded by monsters, her dangerous quest seems never-ending...

Magpie & Jynx is an upcoming urban fantasy action/adventure tale, part of the Twin Cities Series collection of novellas. For more information on this and other books in the series, visit the official blog page at

Be sure to check back soon for another preview, and a bio of Jynx, the beautiful siren who completes this amazing duo.