Wednesday, 19 March 2014

4 & 5 star triple review!

Cheryl Duval has kindly provided reviews for both books one and two of the Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles series, as well as the companion novella, Anna's Adventures, as part of the "Lovers of Paranormal" group's Read 2 Review program on Goodreads. Thank you very much for your kind words, Cheryl.

Her five star review of Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles is here:

For her four star review of Reading The Dead: Fidelis In Aeternum, click here:

You'll find her four star review of Anna's Adventures here:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Twin Cities Series Author Interview

The Twin Cities Series has recently begun hosting a series of interviews featuring the authors responsible for crafting the tales of The Realms. This time around, it's my turn!

Stop by the Twin Cities Series blog for an interview with yours truly. I give up the goods on my latest offering in the series, the urban fantasy adventure, Magpie & Jynx, and even drop some tidbits on my next book...

Friday, 14 March 2014

4 star review for Reading The Dead

Leiah Cooper from So, I Read This Book Today just completed a great new four star review for Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles. It's a wonderfully written piece. Thank you, Leiah! 
Be sure to check it out, along with the other reviews on her website at:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

About The Twin Cities Series

Fans of the paranormal now have a new place to call home. Nestled in a parallel dimension with secret portals spread all over the world, and especially concentrated around the bustling urban area of Minneapolis-St Paul, The Realms is home to every manner of nightmare you ever imagined. Ruled by the vampire lord, Raven, it's a city of contradictions, where remnants of the past coexist with a gothic, modern metropolis. Buried in the heavy shadows of a near-perpetual night, with secret paths that can either be a shortcut to your destination or your downfall, it's not a place to be traveled lightly.

The Realms and its inhabitants are brought to life in this series of low-priced, collaborative novellas, written by a number of different authors, whose backgrounds cross multiple genres, from romance to sci-fi to horror.

Drew Avera Simone Beaudelaire Theresa Snyder Thomas Manning J.B. Cameron

The people of Minnesota believe the twin cities to be Minneapolis and St. Paul, but what they don't realize is the name actually refers to a parallel dimension known as The Realms, where creatures of myth roam freely.

Humans stand only a dimensional barrier away from the most terrifying and horrible monsters imaginable, but there are a select few who answer the cries for help, who guard the world of mankind and keep it safe from harm.

The Realms can be a place of great danger, as well as great beauty, where love and loss can be sudden and significant, but make no this world, humanity is just another word for powerless.

For our current and upcoming lineup of books in this series, visit the official Twin Cities Series pages on Facebook and Goodreads at:


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Twitter Free And Feeling Fine

In a move that was probably long overdue, I finally exorcised that abysmal time waster known as Twitter from my life. Thanks, Twitter, for your latest horrific revision to your website. Your desperate attempt to make yourself look more like Google+ provided me with the final push I've been needing, for the past several months.

After a year of effort tweeting and retweeting, with over 5,000 followers and 13,000 tweets, I can say with absolute certainty that Twitter provided no benefit whatsoever to the so-called "platform" that all writers are supposed to be cultivating. As far as providing meaningful connections with like-minded interested readers and writers, it served less purpose than Facebook and Goodreads groups. For that reason, my belated New Years resolution will be to spend my time engaging real people there, rather than "hooting" 140 characters at the world, on the off chance that someone might notice.

It's a real pleasure to finally be free of that squawking blue vulture! I'm looking forward to being able to talk to people again, without our voices being lost in a river of noise.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

5 star review for FIDELIS IN AETERNUM

READING THE DEAD: FIDELIS IN AETERNUM received its first review! Sending out my special thanks to Natalie from MadAboutBooks for her words of praise. Her glowing review may be read in its entirety here: