Friday, 24 January 2014

Magpie & Jynx: A Tale of Twin Cities

Before tackling the climax of Street Savior, I'm switching gears to start a new urban fantasy project with a group of four other authors. I hadn't expected to start on it so soon, but the muse has spoken.

The Realms is a hidden world inhabited by paranormals, existing in secret between Minnesota's twin cities, with portals into our reality all over the globe. My first contribution to the series is the tale of Magpie & Jynx.

Maggie Bartlett, aka "Magpie" is a half-blood shifter with mastery over her ability to transform into a crow. Jynx is a siren who can control the will of humans with her voice. Together, they strive to save the innocent from the clutches of evil.

Be sure to check out more of this exciting new series, running the gambit from action/adventure to paranormal romance. The first book from author Drew Avera, "Mr. Grimm," is available on online bookshelves now. Other titles from Drew Avera, Simone Beaudelaire, Thomas R. Manning, Theresa Snyder, and myself will be coming soon!

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