Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Share The Love Wednesdays


I'm seeking to start a new Wednesday tradition with authors on Twitter.

The concept is very simple: "Share The Love Wednesdays." Instead of simply retweeting authors in our circle, if every author could spare a few extra minutes to retweet the book of an unfamiliar author, maybe spotted from a friend's retweets or from their own followers list, that small act of kindness can snowball into a good day for everybody.

If you like the idea, please pass the word along on Facebook and by tweeting one of the following messages (or better still, one of your own if you're a member of a writer's group on Twitter). Let's get the word out that Wednesdays is our day to collectively shine as not just talent, but as a community of enthusiasts.

#RT #WW Share the love of #authors on Wednesdays! RT authors you've never RT'ed before! Pay it forward and show your support. #LOVEAUTHORS

#RT #AUTHORS need love too! RT a good #book and help spread the word, on Share The Love Wednesdays. #payitforward

#RT Share the love of an unknown #author this Wednesday! RT the #books of someone new and brighten their day. #Kindnessmatters


Thank you to everyone who participated in today's "Share The Love Wednesday" on Twitter. I hope you'll be back next week to RT more excellent authors. It's a great to widen your circle of friends and help other authors get noticed!