Monday, 22 July 2013

Anna's Adventures Now Complete!

I'm pleased to say that the companion book for FIDELIS IN AETERNUM, "Anna's Adventures," is complete and ready to be sent off to my editor. This 17,500 word novelette (or novella, if that's your preference - the word count falls into that sweet spot between either) features two stories that coincide with events in the book.


As Sarah and her LAPD companions close in on the trail of the Fancy Dress Killer, none of them realize that a certain invisible hitchhiker is along for the ride. It's a good thing she is, because as the unpredictable Harry Sands manages to get the upper hand, the surprising intervention of Sarah's ghostly companion turns out to be her only chance for survival.

Anna Nigma as you've never seen her before, exhibiting a whole new ability in her paranormal bag of tricks.



Sarah and Anna are back in Tilford to attend the wedding of William Milton and Claire Hennessey. However, while everyone is occupied with the ceremony being conducted in the back yard of the family's home, Anna Nigma finds herself caught up in a battle of wits against a pair of would-be robbers, disguised as caterers. They planned on everything, except facing off against the poltergeist queen of pranks.

It's a fast, fun story you won't want to miss!

Look for it, coming out with the release of book two!