Friday, 26 July 2013

4 star review

There's a great new 4-star review on Goodreads and Amazon from reader Katie Matthews. As she claims in her review, she was "slightly skeptical" of the book going in, and "had a strange feeling that [she] was not going to enjoy this book at all." Her tune soon changed once she immersed herself in Sarah Milton's world.

As much as I love hearing how Reading The Dead is enjoyed by readers who are fans of paranormal and crime mysteries, I think I actually like the notion of stirring an interest in a reader with little to no passion in the genre beforehand. As I've always believed myself, the book may be based in a situation involving the supernatural and police investigations into brutal murders, but at its core it's really about the characters.  That's what first interested me in writing the tale, and that's what I hope will interest you in reading it.

Thanks, Katie. It's always nice to hear from a "convert."

Check out her review here on Goodreads: