Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Looking For Reviewers!

Attention Reviewers:

If a funny, paranormal detective thriller sounds like your glass of wine, I'm on the hunt for book reviewers to post honest reviews of my book on Goodreads, blogs, Amazon, Kobobooks, billboards, the bright side of the moon, or wherever...


It's the tale of LAPD homicide detective/criminal profile, Sarah Milton, a bookish young woman who grew up with the nickname "Schizo" Sarah, due to her belief in an invisible friend well into her teens. Her friend, an irrepressible 13-year-old whom she named Anna Nigma, disappeared from her life after the murder of her mother. She reappears fifteen years later, following Sarah's near-fatal shooting, causing no end of trouble for the detective. Amidst fears for her sanity, Sarah eventually comes to discover that both Anna and her ongoing investigation into a mysterious serial killer known as "Raithe" have their origins in the supernatural. Before long, she's embroiled in a world of the paranormal and the mystical, where only her rekindled powers to see and speak to the dead can help to catch the city's most notorious killer before he strikes again.

Want more? Check out the Amazon preview at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BGE5DEM/ or the excerpt on my blog at http://jbcameron.blogspot.ca/2013/05/excerpt-from-reading-dead-sarah-milton.html for a taste of the fun.

I can provide either a .mobi version or a .epub version as an email attachment for interested readers. Please contact me at jc8802@nb.sympatico.ca to let me know you're interested. If you are the owner of a review blog, please include the URL and a rough idea of when you might have a completed review, so I can give you full credit here. 

I also provide blog interviews, though I'm not terribly prompt. With revisions and other writing projects, my schedule's a little packed right now. I do respond eventually...