Friday, 24 May 2013

RHetoric, Occult Detective excerpt - Black Voodoo Bayou

RHetoric, Occult Detective is an upcoming YA comedy series that I'm developing. I have a partially written novel and several short stories that will form the basis of a prequel anthology. The series will revolve around both.

In writing the short stories, I'm tapping into a number of different genres, infusing each with the trademark wit of the characters. The stories vary from slapstick to detective to action thrillers. Black Voodoo Bayou definitely falls into this last category.  It's the only RHetoric story to date that is published. If you're interested in reading the entire tale, you'll find it on the UK Spinetingler's website at the following URL:

Without further ado, here's an excerpt from Black Voodoo Bayou:

"I'm curious about something," Chester huffed, wiping the sweat from his brow. "What part of your master plan to negotiate the return of our client's locket necessitated you telling the insane voodoo priestess to stick her pins in her asp? Of course she was bound to misinterpret that!"

Rex gaped at his partner. In the distance, closing fast, the irate voices of Mambo Wojambi's loyal followers echoed in the murky swamp. Presumably, she unleashed the entire hornet's nest to comb the marshes for them.

"What? All I meant was that snake blood is part of an effective treatment for arthritis. Granny Hetoric used to make it all the time." Rex twisted his fingers together in an impersonation of the old woman's gnarled digits.

Chester goggled at him in disbelief. "There was something preventing you from saying it that way?"

Splashes came from nearby. The mob was closing in around them again. They both glanced at the torches bobbing in the darkness, and then towards the river, where hopefully their dinghy was still tethered to shore. Given the way this night was going, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to discover an alligator chewed it in half by now.

"At least I was able to grab this on the way out," Rex enthused, holding up their client's silver locket by its chain.

"Great. If by luck we survive this, remind me to stick it up your asp."